With discerning taste for styles and an impeccably defined character, this world-class DJ and cultural icon continues to raise the bar by breaking new artists and continuing to exude impact on night lifestyle while maintaining the integrity and richness of authentic DJ culture. Versatile and unique, Supreme applies technicality and musicianship to his craft, with an eloquent and educated approach to music that holds true in his demeanor on and off the decks. He is rare in the realm of DJ’s that have both respect by pioneers and professionals along side appeal and admiration in the club world. With his vast library and musical knowledge; he applies this richness to seamless blends and superior capabilities to read, move, and interact with the crowd. Making a night of DJing a musical masterpiece unparalled by most. Supreme La Rock is for the music connoisseur as he is for the people who lack resources and the knowledge to delve deeper into music. Not moved by facade, rather led by inspiration, choosing not to follow trends but rather to tastefully set them.  
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