If the current explosion of nightlife has revealed anything, it’s that some DJs move tickets and other DJs move bodies, and it is frequently the latter who is called upon in the most crucial of situations. DJ Excel is one of the few who has proven himself time and time again in both said capacities. Drawing upon the rich musical heritage of his Philadelphia upbringing and a cultivated influence from the numerous DJ pioneers that Philly birthed into the culture, it’s no surprise that the self taught DJ, who began his journey at age 11, has been a dance floor powerhouse in nightclubs around the world for 20 years. Now based out of Los Angeles, Excel‘s rich stock has kept him in high demand amongst tastemakers and corporate clients like Nike, Google, Cisco, Youtube, HBO and Playboy, in addition to regular appearances spanning every nightlife market between the coasts, including residencies in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Iowa City and Atlantic City. In his downtime, he produces with Baltimore’s DJ Impulse under the moniker ALFA PAARE.With 6 EP releases and numerous remixes for artists like, Dev, Yuna, Leon Bridges, & Silk City under their belt, they quickly have earned themselves regular placement in some of the most respected DJ sets around the Globe. Currently represented by the Rich Group, arguably the most curated roster of DJs in the market, Excel is a veteran of party programming and a fan favorite among many demographics who frequent the nightclub and whose sole purpose is to dance like no one’s watching. His keen ability to read a crowd and act accordingly by knowing what to play and when, is something that can’t be taught. He is one of the few DJs who regularly records his live sets and even with that, he’s still someone you must experience firsthand to truly understand and appreciate what makes him Excel beyond the rest.
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